This is second time i am doing the assembly, first time you remember i got booting problem then you asked me to unplug and plug in the Memory, then it booted. It then drains the battery. I have checked the board mounted fuses and they all check out. I did not changed the connector but the problem I faced is just the same given on the schematic on the update. When removing the keyboard, it looks like the piece the tape connection slides into has pulled away from the board at one end. I think you that you might have another issue with the motherboard. I guess it is possible to buy a bad system board for cheap and take USB ports from it.

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Compatible models coming soon.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite Pro | 01

Turns out they have a buyer assurance plan. This way, I brought it to a plain old electronics repair shop, and the guy did a bit of creative soldering.

Do you think it would a03 possible to remove the onboard memory and simply replace it with external ram? By description on eBay it should be the same DC jack for the following laptops: Talk to a technician and explain the situation. What if the trace between the top side and the bottom side is broken somewhere satelilte the hole? If I unplug, wait a few seconds, and plug back in, I get a momentary AC power icon from the Toshiba Power Management utility, and then toshiba satellite a30 141 drops back to battery power.

D Emachines E Toshiba satellite a30 141 After you remove the system board you can check if the DC jack has to be replaced or just resoldered.

M with standard type ac adapter plug tip Note: The keyboard connector on the system board has two parts. Toshiba satellite a30 141 took it to a computer repair place and the guy said there is a short in my motherboard.

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I have started to wonder if Sqtellite may have damamged the main board of my M35X with heat while soldering. Would you happen to know what is wrong with it?

That baby looks like toast. Are toshiba satellite a30 141 sounds coming from somewhere under the keyboard? All of sudden once it turned off and did not turn on. But the problem that time is laptop hangs after 10 min. After removing the small blob — success.

Ordinateur PC portable

I broken it… do you know what component can sostitute it? I followed advise in this thread and re soldered the jack on my This fixed my problem. There are 6 different motherboards listed for this computer and 5 different Pentium processors Pentium MMMM Noticed what looks like severe corrosion toshiba satellite a30 141 the jack and the CPU cooling fan plug. Spoke with the people who fixed the machine and they said that it is definatley not the DC jack as they repaired it and it is another issue ie the charging toshiba satellite a30 141 on the laptop.

Then, while connected to AC power, it suddenly started to run on satelljte. You can run a wire to connect the top and the bottom sides. But I think I have put another fault on somewhere, it looks like it is shorting across the cooling fans. It might be a toshhiba power jack, bad AC adapter, bad connection between the jack and the motherboard, or even bad motherboard.

Does it still shut off when you move the power plug? Peter, I would check all connections first. Not sure which model, the info has worn off the label on the bottom of the machine. I test 10 laptops with it a day. DC led will appears when I connect adapter normally to the wall but when i try to powered the laptop on few led lights toshiba satellite a30 141 flashes and dc led starts to flash. Is it likely the harness or the toshiba satellite a30 141 at the board?

I had the intermttent power and battery charging problem. I took it back apart again and checked the solder and all looks good.

No long wires hanging out to be snagged or pulled. Is there a really tiny-point soldering iron available? I had dis -assy. sstellite

You should be able to go from there. I guess it might be caused by a bad battery. I did not changed the connector but the problem I faced is just the same given on the schematic on the update. PLease someone help, if i take it to a repair guyhell KILL me with a bunch of crap i need, Im a single mom, i cant afford to be tooken to the bank if i could fix this myself.

Hey Danny, Sure I can look up a system board part number for your laptop. Toshiba satellite a30 141 you had paypal donations, I definitely would give a donation for the help that you have given me so far.

Then toshiba satellite a30 141 jb weld overtop.