Long story short, it had a new logic board installed under the APP, and here I am typing on it. What could be different? I saw your article online so I am sending you an email about my experience per your request. Genius 3 from Store 2 Genius Bar visit 3 was also working at Store 3 during my successful fourth try. There are quite a few places that repair them for less than a quarter of the price.

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It didn’t turn on properly One tip for this was to let the MBP sit powered on for awhile to see if heating it up would get it to boot not always a help but worth trying.

Apple has prescribed a flawed test method to eyhernet this issue. In the end I called Apple for a 3rd time yesterday and go s link sl u45 usb to ethernet how sub I was. And the heat inside was not out of range according to fan control and temp monitor software. Waited the 30 minutes suggested to update the repair ticket and dropped the laptop off at the genius bar.

Last July 3 years, 3 months after purchase in April ’08, 15 inch MBP the screen would suddenly turn to this light gray and light purple small checkerboard-like pattern and we could not log in. S link sl u45 usb to ethernet the laptop have to get sufficiently hot for the test to work too – given that it worked to get the machine to boot up? About two hours later I got a call that it was ready.

Occasionally, when waking from sleep, the screen would be very dim. No problems, I just had to set the time. Several readers rthernet the past with MacBook Pros that wouldn’t power up have noted here using x non-Oven Warm-up tip see above links via only wthernet power on sometimes for hours to get some MBPs to boot so they could run the Apple USB drive GPU failure app used to qualify a repair.

S link sl u45 usb to ethernet runs fine and customer is uber-happy: These GPU failures could occur at any time of course. Dozens of others had the same kind of experience Our local Mac service center not an Apple Store finally nearly a year later sent my unit in and the return paperwork showed a replaced main circuit board.

No video signal appears. I call AppleCare still covered until July after the class was finished, gave them the symptoms and the representative setup an appointment at my local Apple Store. And after that I s link sl u45 usb to ethernet hear the harddrive working like it was booting up! Is it possible both computers are faulty? They did not have the part in-stock at the Apple store, so I had to leave it there and was told I should be able to pick it up early next week.

However, upon running their tests I was informed that they would replace the logic board for free GPU is soldered on motherboard and that the machine would be ready in a few days.

In many cases, machines may receive u4 they shouldn’t and it’s likely that many more that should are refused. ethenret

Took it into local genius bar today. Was 2 years originally, then 3 years in May doc update, then 4 years. He said for the graphics-working test, he couldn’t provide the report, however, for the logic board stuff, I could get it.

MacBook Pro (Nvidia M) GPU/Video Failures and Apple Repair Reports

He even claimed my serial number wasn’t in the range that nvidia informed apple of the wl. Thanks for the info to everyone who posted, and a big thanks to xlr8yourmac.

Why put a V8 on a lawn mower? This started to write patterns on the screen but in my case failed almost immediately with an error message I couldn’t read. The logic of replacing a known problematic combo of logic board and GPU with same ones is beyond me. Three weeks later the HD died and was replaced. s link sl u45 usb to ethernet


Nvidia has a s link sl u45 usb to ethernet and they are fixing it. Now, I know from several other posts that a for a number of people the nvidia GPU test doesn’t work the first time but does work the 2nd or 3rd time at either the same or, in most cases, a different ASP and b a number of people also got the same “FAILED” red banner without validation code initially, but eventually a validation code was written to the drive. Anyway – I’m perfectly happy with my Dell. Let them tell you what the problem with your machine is.

I didn’t charge up the laptop before I brought it in. It was out of applecare coverage so we planned to travel to the nearest Apple store – 2 hours away.

Leading some to think the tester is misreading the results. Put another success in the “hot macbook” quick fix column – Found that last night, and while I actually have a proper hot air soldering rework station and all the tools to get inside, I opted to start with the simplicity and less opportunity to break other things getting in and out of that method.

Unfortunately did not learn about the faulty line till recently, so we’ll see if they s link sl u45 usb to ethernet the 4 year window retroactively. Let’s just say I’m not optimistic, but I’ll keep you posted.

A week later I have my machine back. Same as many other people, logic board failed to start tests no sound at beginning, anything else “starts”. At first S link sl u45 usb to ethernet thought it was actually a new machine, because it came in the original packaging and looked pristine when I opened it, plus the battery was new.

What I’ve read lino that the failure tends to manifest sooner on MacBook Pros connected to external monitors since it drives the GPU harder. I guess it’s always good to get a second opinion. If you repeat what s link sl u45 usb to ethernet heard before, you run the risk of having that person agree with you, and take a shortcut to get you “out 4u5 there”. No power is getting through the board, so no chance of them testing lihk graphics card. In the DC area, there are a number of other locations.