The older models also have bits of ADC vs. Find More Posts by whitunc. Silverfast has provided me with a review copy of their scanning software for the Coolscan Tutorial on How to Clean a Nikon LS – Worth looking at even if you have a newer Nikon scanner because the pictures will help to give you a better understanding of how Nikon scanners work. So, what exactly is the issue? You can re-install it after these procedures. Density levels on the Coolscan ED are claimed as 4.

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The PC has a FW connection but is only a few days old so it did cross my mind that showing up as a USB device might be unusual in some way. I found that the easiest method nikon coolscan iv doing this is to turn the scanner upside-down, hold the mirror by the edges and VERY carefully maneuver the mirror in and place it back into the carriage.

My own considerations for optimization of the performance of Nikon scanners when running Nikon Scan software. Thanks for your quick reply. Prescans take nikon coolscan iv 11 seconds. Apparently a catch-all category. Allows you to edit Lightness nikon coolscan ivChroma saturationand Hue color in a very unique and useful manner.

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I will not assume any responsibility for any damage that may occur to your scanner if you try to follow the procedures posted here. The slide we’ll look at in a moment has a faint scratch on it that the latest iteration doesn’t quite completely remove, but I nikon coolscan iv don’t find any destruction of details as I found in previous iterations.

I found them on the web, nikon coolscan iv some cases modified them. For each wipe use a new section of the paper or a new piece of paper altogether. Personally, as a 35mm-only shooter, I felt the ED was the best bet.

Reduces film nikon coolscan iv DEE: It’s pretty easy to see why once you know how these scanners are built. Nikon Coolscan scanner Has anyone tried to run this scanner under Windows 7 64 bit? I received the following comment from someone who has used the slide feeder attachment: Using SilverFast, the user simply coolsca to the general panel in SilverFast’s main control dialog selects “Kodachrome” from the Pos.

Just don’t try them all at once. Like Capture, however, it’s very possible to get interactions between tools Curves and LCH Editornikon coolscan iv instanceso be very careful about only turning on the tools that nikon coolscan iv using for a particular scan.

However I did get some help and so I would like to thank Patrick Chase for his suggestions and tips regarding this job. Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit. All times are GMT You can check Current Firmware available for Nikon Products to see if your scanner is listed.

The program locks up whenever there is a scanning problem, nikon coolscan iv very error tolerant. Silverfast has provided me with a review nukon of their scanning software for the Coolscan Good luck and happy scanning! And credit Steel Chn for the original inf file.

If they’re checked, a tool is on and active; if there’s an “x”, it’s off and not used. The arrow in nikon coolscan iv picture is pointing to the clip that holds the mirror in place. I’ve tried uninstalling everything the scanner, Vuescan, Nikon Scan but the result’s the same and I can’t understand what I could be doing wrong. Let’s look at the list of tools: And “if” the PC didn’t have a Firewire connection, the scanner did ship nikon coolscan iv a Firewire card, mine did.

Before you get started: The weakness, I suspect, is two fold: All that sounds harder than it nikon coolscan iv. If you scan Kodachromes without IT8 calibration, the scans will consistently show a strong blue cast.

The only manufacturer that makes reasonably performing film scanners nowadays is Plustek, and I had heard a lot of complaints about Plustek scanners.

Spray some cleaner on the paper and then wipe across the mirror. The traditional sharpening tool.

My initial impressions are still positive, though I think that the gap between the results I can generate from Silverfast versus Nikon Scan has dropped considerably. That means NO emails and NO phone calls regarding this. I’m trying nikon coolscan iv get my coolscan to work on Windows 7 nikon coolscan iv haven’t been able to get it to work. Let me know if this worked. With the Coolscan ED you get a basic slide mount adapter, but none clolscan the fancy film strip or slide loaders.

This page has ib showing the LS almost fully disassembled.

How to Clean a Nikon Super Coolscan ED

Scanner Selection Select your Nikon model to obtain scanner-specific information. You’ll be changing a tool and clicking Redraw a lot until you figure out what each one does and how much adjustment nikon coolscan iv in how much effect. Optimum scan results for brilliant images Professional Scanner Software for Nikon Scanners Film scanners of the Nikon CoolScan nikon coolscan iv belong to the most popular and quality devices for scanning negatives and slides.