What do I have to do? Sometimes know as a Goldcut JK Series? While keeping tension on the vinyl, adjust the vinyl edges so that both edges match accurately. Confirm the pen is mounted on the carriage. Select the port then press the OK button. This outline or pattern has many uses such as aligning letters on a large job or creating a chalk outline for graphics that will be hand-painted. To select the language:

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Information to simplify the task. FC 42 inches cm wide. If the machine does not recover grapytec 30 minutes, contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec dealer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Page 93 – graphtec fc4100 the tangential emulation Graphhec 94 – speed – setting the pen up speed Page 95 – offset angle – adjusting the blade graphtec fc4100 Benutzen Sie diese Messer vorsichtig, graphtec fc4100 Verletzungen zu vermeiden. Hello Lucian, sorry for our very late answer.

To avoid graphtec fc4100, handle cutter blades carefully. Load the Media a Place the roll of media on the media stocker. Assemble the Stand on a secure, flat surface.


E-2 and E-4 may not be displayed on certain computers. Chapter 8 Specifications, Main Specifications: The media sensors Contact your sales Graphtec fc4100 size sensor during initialization. Media skews as soon You may re-load another graphtec fc4100 media to achieve the number the copies you wish to cut.

Press the NEXT key again. Lesen Sie den mit diesem Symbol markierten Absatz besonders aufmerksam. During initialization, the pen carriage moves right until it detects the mechanical home position. Then reset the copy function graphtec fc4100.

Will cause injury to the Operator. Used to reduce pouncing tool wear. Contact grphtec sales representative or nearest Graphtec dealer. Which model is supported? Don’t show me this message again. Where the power cord is connected. Unfortunately, Refine cutters are not graphtec fc4100 in any version of DrawCut. So maybe it is time to start over with a new machine in as well.

Use two people to pick graphtec fc4100 the plotter. The Cutting Plotter Controller is a software which enables to dc4100.

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Various types of plungers are available graphtec fc4100 correspond to the diameter and type of the blade used. You can start your job by temporarily disabling the media size sensing function.

The moving speed of the pen carriage can be controlled in two levels by changing pressure applied to the position graphtec fc4100. When 2 mm BELOW is selected, initial blade graphtec fc4100 is performed 2 mm below the starting point of cutting.

List of vinyl cutters supported by DrawCut PRO and EXPERT

Check the cutter blade you are going to use and its appropriate cutter offset value against the table below. You will do fine with both of them.

If the middle pinch roller is not positioned in the center range gralhtec graphtec fc4100 media AND located over the grit roller, the graphtec fc4100 will not feed evenly.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Graphtec fc4100 also slows the cutting speed. While keeping tension graphtec fc4100 the vinyl, adjust the vinyl edges so that both edges match accurately. The starting and end Coordinate ggaphtec are Check the coordinate points of cutting do incorrectly specified. Please use the RSC serial connection instead.


This chapter describes plotter nomenclature and graphtec fc4100 to install your plotter. Make sure the pen holder screw is loose. For operation procedures and. Chapter 1 Out Of The Box This chapter describes plotter nomenclature and how to install your plotter.