Please help because I want to pitch them both. This worked for mine, and it recalibrated somehow and now I got awesome prints! So I have that if anyone needs it. I rebuilt ctgs for a living. I’ll add a couple of observations: The girl said it’s no problem. There must be something else that is causing the problem, maybe replacing one of the other rollers also.

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Shake the cartridge too to make sure you clean it out.

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There’s actually two compartments inside the cartridge. I am replying to the topic of aftermarket toner used in Okidata laser printers and fax machines.

And to to write down. It’s networked, is that the “n”? I did the above and now im screwed. It’s a wonderful machine and no problems. I have a c, I followed the instructions to reset the toner drum, made sure the lever was all the way back, took the cartridge out, then put back in rebooted my computer and the oki c810 printer to no avail. ANYWAY, I liked the diag 4 screen for theyou could oki c810 printer individual things instead of a oki c810 printer memory wipe, as we did.

I plan to buy this printer and really need to know if I can refill it without the chip problems or not. Fill it up with toner and go back to work. Then nothing Please help. They work great with new drums. I can’t figure out the way to the toners reset: Can some lead me in the right direction. The Dubber toner looked and worked oki c810 printer, and so far I haven’t seen any problems with the Cyan image drum.

To alter the value of an item, first press button 3 to select the digit to be oki c810 printer. After checking past messages on here i can see that the two must be linked as the error is the cyan sensor. The black drum failed by being able to only print black as a shade of gray. I have refilled and now it says y toner missing any reset info available.

Thanks for the info.

But thank you for your concern about my friendships and family. Been looking around around on the net for ages, can’t find any info.


Oki c810 printer toner cartridge is nothing more than a hopper filled with toner. Then press button 2 to increase the value of the selected digit. Toner cartridges are full.

So, I took the drum out I got really confused after reading various posts about aftermarket toner. I thought that if i disable the sensor it could print oki c810 printer with no toner in the cartridge and drum!

Press button 2 to scroll through menu items. To see all of this for yourself go to: After much internet research I found a part number for the fuse used on the drums.

I had a similar situation where the waste toner had not been removed and the waste toner spring mechanism oki c810 printer the bottom of the drum unit had actually snapped because the waste toner had backed up.

Open the blue handle, there is a small locking dimple to push in, and turn the cartridge right side up. Please help because I want to pitch them both. What usually happened was the doctor blade got slightly out of line during rebuilds. After so many copies and the warnings about empty cartridges and drums that needed replacement I found that I could only print about 17 copies and then the printer would stop. Let us know about how it goes. According to my years of experience in this industry, I would recommend Genuine Okidata brand toner if you want to receive top notch quality and yield out of your cartridges.

We used to put a couple shims on each side of the drum oki c810 printer drum and blade to assure proper gap. After reading this thread, I bought a “defective” that kept displaying empty drum messages! Has any one tried or had any luck with oki c810 printer drum “rebuild” oki c810 printer. Nobody is replying to the posts regarding resetting the oki fuser, drum etc when you can’t get past stage 5 of oki c810 printer reset proceedure. There was toner on the strips that hang from the lid LED arrays?

Cookies disabled This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The Maintenance Menu shows toner used, while the User Menu shows oki c810 printer remaining.

You may have a memory problem, not enough, especially if you are doing merge from programs such prniter Publisher or others. One for fresh toner and one for waste.

Maybe that would eliminate the problem. Can anybody tell me what i need to do to get rid of the error and if this will also stop the Toner empty messages?? Things are looking much clearer now! Another problem I am having is sprinkles okki cyan toner on oki c810 printer right side of my printed page.

An aftermarket toner with a low transfer rate can prematurely fill up the waste bin, resulting in broken oki c810 printer and a huge toner spill in prinher printer. Is there someone that can confirm a c? I pulled the non-handle end off of the cartridge and dumped the waste toner from the compartment, in the back half of the cartridge, in a trash barrel. Please quote the relevant forum posting quote date and time. I “renewed” the transfer belt printsr my OKI C successfully.