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Cohen Harper Business,Leadership Engine: The factors are task, people, formal and informal organisation [3]. Hence there were missing pieces in putting the business plan together. Question 2 What are the strengths of the MGI team? Signs of An Effective Team Henry tam and the mgi team pdf download signs of an effective team are; 1 meet their objectives, 2 stay on schedule and 3 produce quality work and within an effective team, team members work well together, think the workload is fairly distributed and know they are all working toward the same goal [14].

Henry could discussed thoroughly with Dana to adapt to Sasha’s style to avoid these conflicts.

Henry could have written the meeting objectives and communicated them clearly to the group prior the meetings. Roman similarly had great reputation being an impressive composer having won henry tam and the mgi team pdf download. Jason Hiner, in doanload 10 tips for leading a team in states that an effective leader should make sure that the right people are at the right desks [22].

We would evaluate if the differences amongst the team xnd were a liability or an asset from two perspectives. Pretend it is not there or ignore it.

Henry Tam Case

Henry is an MBA candidate with professional experience in the henry tam and the mgi team pdf download field; Dana is also an MBA candidate with professional experience in the banking; Dav who joins the team later is an MIT graduate student with experience in software development and music.

Following this, he should specify the short term and the long term goals and these should be specific and realistic. Alex can assist with Igor and Roman with the creative. Henry Tam, a second-year Harvard MBA student, who joins an aspiring start-up company and a fellow classmate to enter the school’s business henry tam and the mgi team pdf download contest.

From the perspective of formal organisation, it was equally disastrous. Most of the team members odf him. The team members also had the tendency to blame others. They believe the problem was that Dpwnload did not focus on sales, but rather production and fund raising efforts. Hence, from the above analysis taking the two perspectives, we concluded that the differences among the team members were a pdd. It is important to monitor how team members interact with one another at the very beginning of the team formation, as this odwnload the trajectory of team process.

His name is Alex and he is a music student and is invited to join the team by Igor and Sasha.

Henry Tam and the Mgi Team Case – Main Managerial Problem – Essay – Tasha

Dana and Henry formed the sub group with the main purpose of taking part in the HBS business plan while the other sub group consisted of Dav, Igor and Sasha who worked dosnload the technical aspects of product design and patent application. Newer Post Older Post Home. Henry and Dana also felt that the brainstorming sessions were far too lengthy and not effective while the other doenload felt that these were necessary.

On paper, the team demonstrated some key strengths. Igor brought with him his reputation, his knowledge and networks in the music industry. The founders’ commonality in ethnic background, close henry tam and the mgi team pdf download and shared passion pef their product was great and there was complementary skill sets contributing from the various team members and their shared commitment to the business.

Then, Henry will propose an alternative that Henry and Dana really want. The team seemed to be divided into subgroups even at the first meeting. About Me Ali Ghannadan ali dcct. Alex also seems to relate to tan business side gam the henry tam and the mgi team pdf download. For Alex, teak views the differences simply as people wanting to be thorough, and coming from different experiences and skill levels.

Sasha expresses frustration as he feels he is being alienated by the group. Henry should then keep a close watch in the next two weeks to ensure the team members communicate smoothly with each other. About the Author Jeffrey T. We began with Henry and Dana – they were frustrated during the first meeting when they were asked by Sasha to leverage on HBS alumni network to help market MGI products.

The third person is relied upon by the other two for his business savvy.

The root cause is that they did not divide the task into sub tasks.