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There are two parallel interface modes to allow three or four color pixel data to be entered efficiently. Part Number Decoder Use the part number decoders to decipher the orderable part number structure iSim Simulator Quickly select supporting components, build schematics and validate designs.

QL67D6S-A Datasheet

Sign in Welcome Name Your Profile. Laser-based Pico Projectors, RGB Scanning and Field-based laser projection systems, Generic laser-based applications requiring multiple, independently controlled lasers.

Can the ISL support laser diodes connected in series?

The device’s higher current and faster switching speed enables head-up displays HUDs with high resolution, high color-depth and high frame-rate projections. What xownload configuration does the ISL support? Login is required to request a datasheet. Thank you for your request.

Datasheets | Wavelength Electronics

Click here to sign in or register. Your request will be reviewed by the Product Line Marketing manager for this part and upon their approval downloda document will be delivered to you.

Are you looking for Product Change Notifications? When using the ISL, when does each laser diode channel present drive the laser diode? Each output driver channel consists of independent threshold and color DACs for greater laser control and flexibility.

How does the laser diode connect to the ISL laser diode driver? RGB scanning laser projection system, Laser based projectors, Generic laser based applications requiring multiple independently controlled lasers or a single high current driver.

SLDV Datasheet – Sony Electronics | 01

The quad-channel ISL is a complete solution for driving lasers in the scanned-MEMS laser projection systems laser diode datasheet pdf download deployed in next generation autos. The Golden Mousetrap Awards celebrate the American people, companies, and technologies that are driving progress in product design and manufacturing.

Pixel data employs a double data rate scheme, allowing video data to be transferred using both edges of the clock.

Awards and Recognition Golden Mousetrap Award Winner The Golden Mousetrap Awards celebrate the American people, companies, and technologies that are driving progress in product design and manufacturing.

Datasheet Request Full Datasheet.

What is the data width of each pixel? What if the laser diode does not need to be driven to the ISL’s maximum current level? Industrial Power Solutions 2.

3CN00410DP Datasheet

How does the ISL drive the laser diode? What is a threshold current? Precision Analog Products 2. The ISL laser diode driver offers high drive capability, switching speed and video accuracy laser diode datasheet pdf download head-up displays in luxury car models. How many pixels and what is the maximum laser diode datasheet pdf download that the ISL can support?

Search part number to get details including pricing and availability, samples, evaluation boards and more. What is the maximum current support by the ISL? Pixel data information is transferred through the LDD’s high speed bit parallel video interface.